Apple iPhone 4 Telstra Reception Improves with Chuck Norris: Video

Well we all know the iPhone 4 has a bit of a reception issue which Apple in their infinite wisdom decided to make better by giving away a free bumper case, a givaway which is soon to end in a few days time, so what then?

Well apparently if you are on the Telstra network and have iPhone 4 reception issues you don’t need a bumper, all you need is a picture of movie action man Chuck Norris; and this video which can be viewed below seems to prove it.

This humorous video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and lasts juts over a minute and seems to show that just by placing a picture of Chuck Norris next to the iPhone 4 on Telstra the reception improves, take the picture away and it drops.

Obviously just a little bit of light humour for today at Apple’s expense as I’m sure you realise there’s a bit of hanky panky going on behind the scenes and an image can’t actually make any difference to any cell phone reception. Hit the play button and check it out for yourself though…enjoy.

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