BlackBerry PlayBook Amazon Kindle App Launch: WhisperSync Incorporated

The new BlackBerry PlayBook was announced yesterday at DevCon 2010 and must say looks a beauty, but obviously proof is in the pudding once we have one in our hands. Anyway a new press release came in about the new Amazon Kindle App for the new BlackBerry Tablet.

Amazon is to launch a new Kindle App for new BlackBerry PlayBook, which means it joins the rest of the group that includes Mac, PC, Android-based devices, Kindle, Kindle 3G, Kindle DX, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

You will be happy to know that Amazon’s Whispersync technology will be incorporated on the new BlackBerry PlayBook and will sync your place across devices, which basically means you can read where you left off from, you can read so much more information by visiting amazon.com/kindleapps

Kindle is getting big and more and more devices will feature the app, buy once and read everywhere is what this is all about. What do you think of the newly announced BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet device?

Watch the Live announcement video here and main specifications here.

Source – BusinessWire via CrackBerry

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