BlackBerry PlayBook Live Announcement Video: Professional RIM Tablet

DevCon Keynote Live Blog and the BlackBerry PlayBook announcement teaser video got the ball rolling with the all-new professional RIM tablet and now you can enjoy more from CrackBerry with its new video.

The new BlackBerry PlayBook Live announcement video is brilliant, which lasts a cool 15 minutes; RIM’s Founder and Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis will give you a rundown of the new device and specifications within.

This new tablet will bring you awesome gaming and video experiences that we believe customers will just love, the video starts with BlackBerry Amplified and then the best bits come when the speaker talks about what it is, what it has and what it can do.

Got to admit it looks more portable than the iPad, but is it enough to compete? Please do watch the video below and then post your comments about the BlackBerry PlayBook previously thought to be the Black Pad. Please do check out the CrackBerry DevCon 2010 Live Blog

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