Verizon HTC Merge ADR6325 Android Phone Features Bing not Google

We have mentioned the DROID 2 World Edition and it looks like a new kid on the block apparently being called the Verizon HTC Merge model ADR6325 will be right up there side-by-side.

If you look at the BGR photo gallery you will notice that the homescreen shows the Bing logo, hold on a minute please lets step it back a little “Bing logo”, yes that is correct BING, this is an Android phone showing Bing over Google, different is what we say.

The HTC Merge main features includes microSD slot, 5-megapixel camera, 4GB of onboard storage, SIM slot for global roaming, CDMA version of the Desire Z / T-Mobile G2 according to Engadget, Qualcomm MSM7630 processor, this looks like its going to be a stunning little full-QWERTY Android 2.2 handset.

For more information please do visit BGR and its full HTC ADR6325 Gallery! Is this a smartphone you would buy? We will let you know about pricing and release dates as soon as we know.


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