Nokia N8 UK Release: Week 3 of October?

There’s been quite a bit of chatter over the latest flagship smartphone out of the Nokia stable, namely the Nokia N8 and its release date. There have been numerous rumours of delays with the Nokia N8, most of which Nokia has denied, so when will the UK see the Nokia N8?

Well according to an article over on NokNok by Stephen, and by way of Gadget Venue, online retailer Mobiles.co.uk may have an inkling as to when the Nokia N8 will hit UK shores, and has the smartphone available for pre-order as of right now with first stock expected in week 3 of October.

Now obviously this is presuming that Mobiles actually knows that the Nokia N8 will be available by week three as, as far as we are aware this hasn’t been confirmed by Nokia has been saying the Nokia N8 would hit sometime in October.

So any of our readership hanging on to pick up the Nokia N8 when it finally arrives, if so what has made you decide to go for the Nokia N8 over another smartphone? Feel free to voice your opinions in our comments area below.


3 thoughts on “Nokia N8 UK Release: Week 3 of October?”

  1. andrew burgin says:

    How Many times have we kept seen this news,we first saw the N8 in April an End of October,is showing that Nokia are Struggling with this new Symbian3 software,an Nokia will get really put under more pressure if the N8 does not turn out to be another Top Class Smartphone from Them,Please Grow Up Nokia! as all you doing is making Apple laugh at you more

  2. Rene says:

    same story with Nokia trying to keep his game up, to do the same embarrass as always, same deception, not now, later, pleeeease, to me is that Nokia should stick to the ship-chat low simple phone and keep selling them to oriente.

  3. dunkjf says:

    if all i wanted was a nice looking os then a iphone would be for me. symbian os may lack the visuals but has features that the iphone/android can only dream of, im with symbian till/if android reaches maturity, ios is eye candy at best!. t-mobile are saying the end of next week for my upgrade, and here's hoping nokia haven't underpowered another n series mobi

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