BlackBerry Smartphones to Gain Firefox Home Soon

If you own a BlackBerry device and have been waiting for Mozilla’s Firefox Home to become available it appears you shouldn’t have too much of a wait remaining as apparently the Mozilla Blog states Firefox Home will become available “in the coming months.”

According to an article over on Blackberry Rocks, by Mauricio, Firefox Home for BlackBerry will enable users to gain access to more Firefox data and also add social functionality and includes such things as…

Better integration with iOS4 features and other apps such as Safari, Maps, YouTube ect, synchronised passwords so the users won’t need to type them, Firefox Panorama settings and tab groups for you device, Firefox customisation for search engine and the like.

Other experimental features will enable the user to share comments, reviews and links with friends on social networking sites such as Facebook, and Twitter, and construct the ability to deliver feedback and receive help from Firefox Home.

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