Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab Get Free Keyboard: Spain Register Error

Samsung Spain is offering an amazing deal where you can get a free keyboard if you purchase the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Now we seem to have come up with an error, we visited IntoMobile and they report that if you buy the Samsung Galaxy Tablet you will receive a free keyboard, now that is all well and good if their source link would work.

If you click on their source link promosamsung.com you will be directed to a website that has an error, you will see an error message saying “Lista de directorios denegada, Este directorio virtual no permite mostrar contenido en una lista”, which according to Google Translation says “Directory Listing Denied, This virtual directory does not allow displaying content from a list”.

Just so you know because the site may pop up again, if you register your interest at the promo Samsung link above until October 14 you will get the keyboard for free, the keyboard normally costs around $99.99.

Please let us know if you have problems opening the pre-register site, thanks for your patients if it is still down.


3 thoughts on “Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab Get Free Keyboard: Spain Register Error”

  1. DrWhodini says:

    This site seems to have a screenshot of the page (it's still down – 5pm Spanish time). The keyboard, according to the blurb will be around 80€ in Spain. I live in Spain, so here's hoping the page comes back online…

  2. keb mckean says:

    From what I gather its not going to have phone facilities in the states…..waste of time, why remove a critical element. – they are not doing this in Europe!

    1. TruckBoatTruck says:

      That is why you want to buy a Euro version as they are GSM devices — which will work on AT&T's USA network (not sure if TMobile's USA network will work w/ voice calling on a Euro model tho).

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