HTC Mondrian Windows Phone 7 Mobile Phones & Details

And the Windows Phone 7 smartphones just seem to keep on coming and coming in rumours, leaks and such and today we have yet another Windows Phone 7 in the form of the HTC Mondrian, which was one of the first codenames we heard back when HTC first made plans for WP7.

But up until now what was lacking with the rumoured HTC Mondrian was what it looked like, we now according to Ionut Arghire of Softpedia, German website BestBoyZ have got hold of an image which they say is the HTC Mondrian handset.

Although this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the HTC Mondrain as a couple of videos showed up not so long ago which apparently showed the Windows Phone 7 device and let it be known that the smartphone was destined for AT&T in the US.

Details wise though the word is while such WP7 handsets as the HTC Trophy 7 is for the lower end of the market, the HTC Mondrian is for the high end along with the HTC HD7. The aforementioned Mondrian image does show a German ROM along with the HTC Hub on its home screen though, but other than that not a great deal to see.

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