Samsung Galaxy Continuum Twin Display Heading for Verizon

What is it with Samsung are they looking to take over the entire smartphone arena with the amount of different Samsung Galaxy S variants they are pushing out? It would appear so because a new Galaxy S variant has just surface.

According to Chris Ziegler over at Engadget what we have here is the new rumoured Samsung SCH-i400 Continuum smartphone. The Continuum is somewhat different from your normal run-of-the-mill handset though as it happened to carry two OLED displays.

Yep that’s right not one but two OLED displays, the secondary OLED being below the main screen. Apparently this secondary screen is known as a “Ticker,” which delivers RSS updates and notifications and probably weather conditions, and apparently the “Ticker” auto-turns on as soon as you hold the bottom of the device.

Other known features of the Samsung Galaxy Continuum are a dedicated camera button, and microSD expansion. This device is rumoured to be heading for Verizon Wireless so maybe it’s already time for the Samsung Fascinate to move over.

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