Samsung Buries Symbian At Years End

Nokia’s favoured operating system, Symbian has been struggling against rival operating systems over the past year or so, and almost a year ago a senior vice president for Samsung was said to have stated that Samsung would drop Symbian, to which Samsung kind of backtracked by saying the company was committed to a multi-OS strategy.

However, according to an article by Thomas Ricker, over on Engadget, Samsung has sent out an email to registered Symbian developers stating that they are removing all Symbian content and closing the Symbian forum by the end of the year.

Thus it appears that Samsung’s run of supporting the Symbian operating system is coming to an end, which you can’t really blame Samsung for as they have been concentrating on the Android platform, Windows Phone 7 and of course their own Bada OS.

Samsung will apparently still be a member of the Symbian Foundation albeit in name only much like rival smartphone maker Sony Ericsson.

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