Radioshack T-Mobile HTC G2 Release Date and Price

RadioaShack is selling the T-Mobile HTC G2 from October 3 for $149.99 and if you are a new customer it will be $199.99 if you are upgrading.

Best Buy will be selling the smartphone but it seems RadioShack has beaten them to it, T-Mobile customers have already ordered the T-Mobile G2 and you will receive yours this weekend and everyone else will have to wait until around October 6th, hopefully the screenshot over on Phandroid is the real deal.

The T-Mobile HTC G2 smartphone seems to be a very popular handset and can see it doing well in the way of sales, we would love to know if you would rather the G2 via T-Mobile direct, Best Buy or RadioShack and for what reason.

As soon as you get your smartphone in your hands please do send us your personal reviews as this helps us understand the phone more and of course what the customer wants. See the T-Mobile HTC G2 getting unboxed.

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