Samsung Epic 4G Sprint Software Update: Fixes 3G Problems Today

Do you own the Sprint Samsung Epic 4G and have been experiencing 3G problems? Well if you have encountered these issues you will be happy to know that there will be a software update that should hopefully sort it out.

One of the major discussions from customers about their Samsung Epic 4G is the problem with 3G; the software update will run over a 4-day period so be patient if you do not get yours straight away.

As soon as we get information about what the software update we will let you know, please do let us know once you have installed the update as we would love to know what it has given you.

Please let us know what problems you have had with your Sprint Samsung Epic 4G other than 3G issues, the more you can tell us the more we can learn.

Source – Erictic


4 thoughts on “Samsung Epic 4G Sprint Software Update: Fixes 3G Problems Today”

  1. Pris says:

    I Just got my Epic on Saturday and just had the same issue. I plugged it in last nite and this morning it won't come back on. Did anyone answer your question Beth?

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