Apple iPhone Umbilical Cord Charger? Video

I surely don’t have a clue at what will be next in the iPhone accessory line, but I do have to say this one takes the biscuit thus far, and I’m not too sure it will ever take off, but that’s Japanese designers for you.

What we have here is a video demonstrating an iPhone charger that has been created by Japanese designer Mio I-zawa, and comes our way courtesy of Matt Buchanan of Gizmodo and Pinktenticle. The video only lasts 48 seconds but that is really more than enough.

The video demo shows the squirming iPhone charger which has apparently been designed round an umbilical cord, you know the cord that attacked Mother to Baby…what ever next?

Anyway for those of you with a slightly warped sense of humour, you can find the iPhone umbilical cord charger demo video below, just mash the play button and…squirm!

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