Apple iPhone 4 Purchase Limit Lifted Causes Mayhem in China

Originally in China the purchasing of the iPhone 4 at launch had been restricted to two handsets per person by Apple; however for some reason Apple decided to lift the purchasing limits on the Chinese iPhone 4, and the result was mayhem.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo, once Apple announced the removal of the sales limit on the iPhone 4 crows flocked to stores, and apparently many grey market people wanted to grab as many of the smartphone as they could with some leaving stores owning twenty to forty devices.

Those that purchased in quantity were then seen attempting to sell on the new and boxed iPhone 4 units to passers-by.

Word has it when the restriction was lifted it was pandemonium with jostling and fighting resulting in the police having to be brought in to restore order, and all for a few iPhone 4 handsets.


One thought on “Apple iPhone 4 Purchase Limit Lifted Causes Mayhem in China”

  1. David says:

    That all sounds a bit strange to me… why would a passer-by want to buy one from a stranger standing outside the store, when he could presumably just walk into the store himself, and buy one "over the counter", probably at a lower price also?

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