Nokia E7 Running Need for Speed Game Demo Video

We know that are quite a few Nokia smartphone fans out there and we know that quite a lot of them are mobile gamers, especially as Nokia is saying how will app download are happening in the Ovi Store, so we thought we’d bring you some gaming footage.

What we have here is a video showing the gameplay of mobile game Need for Speed running on the Nokia E7 smartphone. The video demo comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and by way of Blog-n8.

The aforementioned video footage lasts just over the minute mark but does give the viewer some kind of view on how Need for Speed handles on the Nokia E7 and how to adjust the volume if its getting on your nerves a bit.

So if you are a Nokia gaming fan thinking about grabbing the E7 and want to know how racing games play on the device then head on down and mash that play button…enjoy.

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