T-Mobile G2: Poor Build Quality and Memory Shortage

It is probably expected that not too long after a new smartphone is released that a few issues would pop up, and it appears this is the case with the new T-Mobile G2, with some complaints of poorly constructed hinge mechanisms and not the specified storage.

According to an article over on Engadget by Chris Ziegler, and by way of XDA-developers, it appears that some T-Mobile G2 devices don’t have the promised 4GB storage space and only show a total of 2GB, which strangely enough is the storage space on the HTC Desire Z.

So perhaps there has been some kind of mix up between the two handsets when it comes to memory, but if it turns into a big deal then T-Mobile is going to need to recall the device nd put it right or come up with another solution.

There is also reports of the T-Mobile G2 having hinge issues in as much as if you turn the device upside down the screen hangs down, and apparently if held at certain angles the keyboard snaps shut when open.

We have some video evidence of the T-Mobile G2 hinge issue for your viewing pleasure so don’t forget to check that out and feel free to shout out if your are experiencing the same problems or any other issues by dropping us a comment.


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  1. Sean says:

    I have the G2 and the hinge issue is real. The phone, even when closed, feels like two pieces and not one unit. And I can definitely reproduce the video. I don't think that this is a defect in a small percentage of phones but believe that this is a design flaw. There are two hinges/arms on one side and one on the other and none look sturdy. I don't expect the phone to last a year with reasonable usage and will sadly go back to my unlocked iPhone 3G which is slow as a dog.

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