Greenpois0n Jailbreak, Piracy Concerns with Apple iOS 4.1

It seems that there’s a lot of commotion about the upcoming release of the Greenpois0n jailbreak which is said to use the SHAtter exploit to jailbreak all current iOS devices for life, meaning of course that once Greenpois0n is released users who jailbreak their device will be able to do whatever they wish when it comes to apps.

According to an article over on Product Reviews, people still criticise user who jailbreak their iPhone or other iOS device even though it is legal to do so, but the piracy comes into play when those people plan on using cracked apps from the App Store.

Apparently the Chronic Dev-Team recently tweeted (which is no longer available) that they don’t want that to happen but don’t have the ability to block piracy on jailbroken handsets and are apparently working on making the exploit to disallow the use of Installous or similar apps that download cracked apps.

If they block the repository Installous is in there’s nothing stopping it being moved to another repository and if they block the name in all Cydia applications, developers could simply change the name which could also block apps that might be against piracy or informing users not to use Installous.


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  1. readysetrelease says:

    Like any other right minded individual, I’ll believe it when I see it. Let’s be real. This so-called “Chronic Dev Team” has been pushing us the same line since June of last year! “Coming soon” – “Sunday is Funday” – “Not quite yet” – “Still working on it” – “Good things come to those who wait” – And I can almost feel them laughing at all you desperately faithful cry babies lol. Seriously, alot of you are just hopelessly stuck on stupid. Think about this: Hope (in and of itself) is the single greatest human exploit. Build it up for a cleverly plotted scam and watch it get SHAttered. Get it? About a decade or so ago, Bobby Brown would run promises of a new album or project at his fans for a year or two at a time, and come up with nothing. Bobby with his crack, and the “Chronic Devs” with their pot. See how drugs slow down even the best and brightest? Stay away and stay in school!! One more fun fact while we’re on the subject: Bobby Brown sang a song entitled “Poison” when he was part of Bell Biv Devoe. So, using our collective common sense, will we ever see this jailbreak? Well I know one thing for sure: Time is money (or in this case, time is credibility since the jailbreak will be free). So this “greenpois0n” better be REAL GOOD cause in terms of time spent waiting it’s getting to be ridiculously expensive!! Just ask Bobby Brown. His expensive drug habit cost him his career, leaving his loyal fans with nothing but promises.

    “A promise is a comfort to a fool”

    -Sean Paul, from his song “Like Glue”

    1. jesta says:

      ok im pretty sure u just compared the dev team to bobby brown, im gona give you the benifit of the doubt on this one and advise you to cut down on the crack you must be smoking, 1st of all fear is the single greatest human exploit and always will be, philosophy aside i dont think you quite understand what the dev represent, you call it a scam yet they put all this hard work in for free! have you ever paid for blackrain, redsnow, ultrasnow, cydia or snowbreeze? and ofc greenpoison will be free.
      Apples political agenda of inforation control is taking a big hit and the heroes of dev are responsible for this, wake up and see the real world mate

  2. I have to say, I've been waiting for this jailbreak for a while now. In my opinion, they shouldn't focus on blocking certain apps that allow pirated apps to be installed. It's not possible to completely crush piracy. I know I'm somewhat against piracy since the developers of the apps deserve the money for the hard work they put into making the app, but I wouldn't say that over half of the people who use jailbreaks pirate apps. When I jailbreak, the main reason I do it is to hacktivate multitasking and use WinterBoard themes. Other than that, I might install a few third-party custom apps and tweaks for when I'm bored.

    Bottom line:
    No one should bother putting app-blocks in place. The blocked app will just change. I know the HackMii Team have been doing a similar thing on the Wii for over a year now. Every time Nintendo update the Wii to block the HomeBrew Channel, they just go ahead and change it so they have to make another block. It just doesn't work.

  3. whatever it's 2009 says:

    for the most part, I'm ok with piracy, apple overcharges for almost every single thing (except shipping prices) and i don't think they deserve even more money for their cut of the apps. Ya, it sucks that the developers get less money, but I honestly doubt this is their full time job, more like a side hobby. So when it comes down to it, they can suck it up, the apps should be free anyways.

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