White iPhone 4 Quick Look Video

Hmm, yes well it appears that although the elusive pale version of Apple’s iPhone 4 is hard to come by, people seem to be keep managing to get hold of one somehow, of course they are probably fake, but they do look kind’a cool and just as good as the real deal.

As such we have a white iPhone 4 quick look video for your consideration today which comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily iPhone Blog, and takes up a reasonable four minutes of your time, however this particular white iPhone 4 is a do it yourself kit.

The Gearlive commentator says if you wish to get a white iPhone 4 now you certainly can because the pieces are coming off manufacturing and they can refer people to someone who can get all the official pieces from overseas, or you can purchase the device ready to go.

Anyway I’ll let you check out this white iPhone 4 video to make up your own mind on whether the way to go to get a white iPhone 4 is by the DIY option or simply just waiting like forever for Apple to get the job done…enjoy.


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