iPhone 5: Apple, will it feature full face detection?

Apple here is a question for you, ok we know you will not answer it and we know that you have not even mentioned the iPhone 5, but come on humour us, the question is “Will the iPhone 5 feature full face detection in video mode”?

Apple always gives us new devices with new features and options and even though they cannot get the white iPhone right and on sale but they always bring something to the table, well how about some information on the table covering the next-gen smartphone like the hopefully called iPhone 5.

Apple has acquired Swedish company Polar Rose, and this company is well known for the cool mobile face recognition technology called FaceLib and other products of course, so it only stands to reason why we are asking the question above.

In fact could it be possible for the iPhone 4 to have this feature with a simple software update via iTunes? Oh my the questions are starting to flow of my keyboard, iPhone FAQ have some important questions as well mentioning that how good it will be if instead of putting in a password to unlock the phone how about the iPhone detecting your face to unlock it.

There are so many uses for full-face detection and we would love to read some of your great ideas, please do comment below. When do you think the new iPhone 5 will release?


One thought on “iPhone 5: Apple, will it feature full face detection?”

  1. chubbynutz says:

    i do not care 1 bit for the iphone 5 as it will be inebitable for future release within the probable period of 12-18 months to ruin it all for iphone 4 24 month contract holders…….. anyway release the iphone 4 white model and we may be one step closer. DOUBTFUL

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