iPhone 5G Virgin Mobile December Launch, No Verizon Then!

Got to love it when you read about the next-generation Apple smartphone, we have recently had the iPhone 4 released on the market and now there are talks of the new Apple iPhone 5.

Now when it comes to the iPhone many customers are complaining about the delay of the Verizon iPhone and the white iPhone 4 so to see rumours of the iPhone 5 is beyond us, but hey everyone is allowed to ponder on the thought.

According to iPhone Download Blog the iPhone 5 is coming to Virgin Mobile in December 2010, their informant is remaining anonymous (Wonder Why? Laughing Out Loud Now).

The new Apple smartphone will be called the iPhone 5 if rumours are correct and will come in and get this “White”, oh please do behave they cannot even give us the iPhone 4 in white. Apparently and we say that in Capitals and bold APPARENTLY the iPhone 5 will feature 128GB of storage and a brand new display boasting 27.8 more pixels.

Cannot wait for you to comment on the above, if all true then boy old boy we will have a lot of media over-excited about writing about it. Read the following articles covering the iPhone 5 (Article One, Article Two, Article Three, Article Four and Article Five).


6 thoughts on “iPhone 5G Virgin Mobile December Launch, No Verizon Then!”

  1. Sarcasm Queen says:

    Us Brits do get sarcasm, very much so. Unfortunately the article wasn't actually sarcastic which might explain the problem you have. However I am sure someone with your intelligence will be able to master it with the help of a 5 year old British child who has only had command of the English years for half of that time. 🙂

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