iPhone 5 to Pack Qualcomm Not Infineon Chip, Verizon iPhone Prehaps?

More rumour today of the possibility of a Verizon iPhone on the cards as word has it that Apple is giving long-time iPhone chip supplier, Infineon the order of the boot in favour of Qualcomm when it comes to the iPhone 5 according to China rag Commercial Times.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Marc Flores and by way of Ars Technica, the move by Apple to Qualcomm chips brings the reality of a Verizon iPhone closer as Qualcomm make CDMA chips, and that Apple is partnering Qualcomm for the next iPhone the iPhone 5 which has been rumoured to land in January 2011.

The article on Ars Technica says… According to the Commercial Times report, Apple’s work with Qualcomm on a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 led it to choose the company to be the sole baseband supplier for the fifth-gen iPhone. AppleInsider noted that some analysts believe moving to Qualcomm is the right move for Apple, since it could reduce Apple’s reliance on a “single supplier,” but that argument doesn’t make much sense if Apple is merely switching from one single supplier to another.

So if true we may not only see the new iPhone 5 make an appearance early next year but also that it could possibly be with Verizon amongst others as Qualcomm did announce last year a new chip which is capable of connecting to LTE, CDMA/EV-Do, GSM/UMTS which would enable Apple to make a single iPHone that could play nice on virtually any network.


One thought on “iPhone 5 to Pack Qualcomm Not Infineon Chip, Verizon iPhone Prehaps?”

  1. Top Cat says:

    If this is true, then the iPhone 5 will be the first truly international iPhone. That would be a big selling point, especially to those of use who travel internationally for work.

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