HTC Desire HD Review, Plus Vodafone UK Pre-Order & Tariffs

We will kill two birds with one stone here (Not Literally, Come On), we would like all users who buys the HTC Desire HD to come forward and send in your personal review, and we have some information about Vodafone UK pre-order.

If you get your hands on the new HTC Desire HD we would love for you to use the comments area provided below and send us your personal reviews and opinions, also any problems you come across.

In The News: Vodafone UK is taking orders now and you can visit the website to pre-order your Desire HD smartphone, the phone will release October 14 and have an array of tariffs such as get a free smartphone on the £35 tariff plan.

If you choose the tariff plan above you will get a free HTC Desire HD smartphone, 900 talk minutes a month and 750MB data allowance, if you choose the £25 per month plan you will have to pay £199 for the phone.

Head on over to Vodafone UK for more information, we cannot wait to hear from you.

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7 thoughts on “HTC Desire HD Review, Plus Vodafone UK Pre-Order & Tariffs”

  1. deep says:

    I have pre ordered htc desire hd with vodafone and I have been told that it will come in stock only on 6th october and i will be able to lay my hands on it only on 8th.. rest is the same 900 minutes, unlimited texts and i dont know about the data usage. its 35£ per month for 24 months with 140£ paybacks. I am excited. anyone who know exactly about the date usage plan, plz tell.

  2. James says:

    I get mine on the 18th October on T-Mobile on an 18month contract £35 600mins Unlimited Texts & Unlimited Mobile Web. I can't wait friends have the HTC Desire which is a fantastic phone and this one is even better!! Its all good :0)

  3. martin dixon says:

    I have just got my desire hd from phones for you. As the first on the ne England to acquire one all o can say is its worth the wait. If you have the old desire you’ll love this upgrade, the screen is massive and although at first glance the size might pit you off its actually not that much bigger than the desire. The desire hd does everything the old one does but much much better, Hebrew sense UI is amazing, the camera is crystal clear and video recording is unbelievable. I won’t bang on about specs there well published now but this not only kills all the iPhone out there bit kills every other phone on the planet, this really is the European ego 4G

  4. ian says:

    I ordered mine yesterday and missed it in the post. I got it over the phone with T-mobile on a £25 plan 300/300 with unlimited broadband and the phone for £145 on an 18 month contract, which seems like a pretty good deal to me. I'm normally a payg, but this worked out cheaper for me (I hope). I also hope T-mobile are okay.

    Bummer is I now have to go to post office to pick it up Monday morning.

    James did you get your phone for free? Or was it an upgrade or something like that?

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