LG Neon II Released by AT&T

For any customer of the Big Blue who has been waiting to get their hands on the new LG Neon II, the successor to the LG Neon messaging phone may like to know that AT&T has now released the LG Neon II and have it on their website.

According to an article over on Cnet by Nicole Lee, it appears that with the LG Neon II the navigation keys have been given a bit of a revamp while the QWERTY keyboard and the touch screen look to have gone unchanged.

The AT&T LG Neon II still features the same multimedia and text messaging features, a 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, quad-band GSM, GPS, mobile email and microSD expansion and a 2.4 inch display.

Apparently price wise the LG Neon II is available from AT&T for $30 after a discount of $50 and based on a 2 year agreement. So any of our readers looking to pick up the LG Neon II on AT&T, if so drop us a comment in the area below.


6 thoughts on “LG Neon II Released by AT&T”

  1. Bianca says:

    today i went to the at&t store to buy mr first phone. my dad finally came around and said hey why not. the first one that caught my eye was the lg neon 2. i liked but but dont want it in reddd, so the guy who worked their said i can get it in either blue, orange or as you know red. imm getting it in blue and hopefully buying it tomorrroww!! SOOOO EXCITEDD!

  2. Anthony Kilgore says:

    I got this phone 2 days ago, I was first to buy one from my local att store. I like the phone and features, but one problem, when I get a phone call it doesn’t play my ringtone it says ” call from ______” and I really want to fix it too play my ringtone. It does it for text messages too, but that don’t bother me jus the calls. If there’s a way to fix jus the calling part great if not I’d jus like to have that fixd. Please reply to my email anyone, anthony32739@aol.com

  3. alicia says:

    don't buy this phone. its shitty. I've had it for like three weeks and for one, you cant record sounds and set it as your ringtone, it takes like 5 minutes to delete all your messages, sometimes it'll start scrolling by itself when your in a certain menu, its not touchscreen, only the dial pad is. and its just a bad phone.

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