Vodafone to Launch Desi Mobi MVNO

Apparently Vodafone is gearing up to launch a new ethnic contract MVNO known as “desi mobi,” which will apparently bolster Vodafone’s MVNO portfolio which also includes TalkTalk, Asda and Lebara.

According to an article over on Mobile Today, desi mobi’s SIM only propositions are to enter the emerging segment of the market to offer MVNO contact offers to 2ng-gen migrants and the new MVNO will be marketed as the 1st MVNO targeted at British Asians and is apparently part of a new MVNO hub, Com Mobi Group.

Furthermore Lebara has now entered the contract arena as they predict the UK ethnic population will double by the year 2013.

A senior industry source has stated, “This is a natural growth for ethnic MVNOs to move in to. The first generation of ethnic minorities has been targeted for a while and they are now becoming a second generation more embedded in society.”

Desi mobi is already established relationships with the likes of Shebang and GK Telecom, with GK Telecom responsible for offering to independent retailers while Shebang targets larger chains one of which is Asda.


One thought on “Vodafone to Launch Desi Mobi MVNO”

  1. Raj.P says:

    A breath of fresh air !!!!! About time a convenient way to communicate..
    Great news for the Asian generation for the nation,
    No fuss 2 months or 12 months agreement.
    Big shout out to desi mobi!!!!!!

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