CEO of LG Electronics Resigns

Seems to be the month for CEO’s of smartphone makers to either be removed or resign, as apparently Nam Yong the CEO of LG Electronics has now tendered his resignation and will be leaving the company.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Stefan Constantinescu, and via Yahoo News, Yong has resigned due to poor performance of LG’s mobile phones division and will be succeeded by the 59 year old Koo Bon-joon.

Yes well, LG hasn’t really been pushing out mind-blowing smartphones for some time now have they, although LG was known for pushing out cheap and substandard devices the company eventually got it together and turned things around to go from the sixth best selling device maker to the third.

Probably one of the main reasons is that Samsung is a huge rival in their home country, and Samsung manages to attract most of the attention especially with the Samsung Galaxy S range. LG does have some Windows Phone 7 devices in the offering but will they be able to turn the company around, difficult to say.

Any of our readers own an LG device, if so what do you think of it, and does it really compare to other high end smartphones from other manufacturers? We’d love to know your views so drop us a comment.


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