White iPhone 4 gets activated in Canada in Rogers Store?

Okay here’s a quick one for you, as far as we are aware Apple hasn’t sold any white iPhone 4 units yet, the reason being they say they are having issues manufacturing said units and have delays until “later this year.”

But it would appear that some white iPhone 4 units are getting out in the smartphone arena, well at least for some anyway. According to a report over on Mobile Syrup by way of Yfrog1 and Yfrog2, someone, presumed to be an “insider”, insider of just what is a mystery, but this insider apparently got a white iPhone 4 “internally and shipped it to Canada.”

Then this insider apparently got the white iPhone 4, casually walked into a Rogers store somewhere and managed to get the device activated, it article doesn’t say whether the Rogers rep asked any questions or not.

The article says the white iPhone 4 “looks like the real deal,” but is it? There are quite a few DIY job popping up all over the place these days, so maybe it’s one of those, what do you think?

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