Acer Liquid Metal Android 2.2 Handset Pictured Full Face

Apparently the latest Android smartphone from Acer, the Acer Liquid Metal hasn’t been pictured straight on full in the face before, but that has now been changed with this full face image of the smartphone, along with some details.

According to an article over on Eurodroid, the guys over at Android World, who captured the face on shot, say the Acer Liquid Metal will come sporting Android 2.2 at the outset and the touch screen is 3.6 inches. They also say that Vodafone Italy will see the release of the Acer Liquid Metal in November.

Apparently though there is somewhat of an error with the Acer Liquid Metal image in as much as it shows the Samsung TouchWiz skin rather than an Android skin so probably just a graphics error there.

According to the article it is also unlikely that Vodafone UK will launch the Acer Liquid Metal as Vodafone UK has quite a few Android devices already in their portfolio; having said that Vodafone UK hasn’t said they won’t offer the Acer Liquid Metal have they?

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