Samsung Transform Gets Handled on Video

We’ve heard a bit about the new Samsung Transform for Sprint lately and today we have a little hands-on video footage for your viewing pleasure so you can learn a little more about the Android toting smartphone.

The Samsung Transform hands-on video comes our way courtesy of Sean Hollister over at Engadget who delivers three and a half minutes of Samsung Transform handling, and of which he says the Samsung Transform is like a miniature Samsung Epic 4G.

The Samsung Transform sports a 3.5 inch capacitive touch screen along with a slide out QWERTY, with an 800 MHZ processor and front and rear cameras, and Android 2.1, although no 4G with this Sprint handset. Although the Transform is a tad sluggish compared to the Epic apparently the device has much the same build quality.

Word has it the Samsung Transform should hit on the 10th of this month with a price tags of $150 after a $100 mail in rebate, so all you need to do now is hit the play button and check out the Samsung Transform hands-on…enjoy.


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  1. C J Roanok says:

    Finally Sprint wakes up with mid range price options and good phone options for the average consumer since the 4G stuff they've been promoting doesn't even touch much of Sprints consumer base. Sense 4G is only in 55 cities at best and there obviously is 50 states here in the U.S. think about !!!!! Why would you wanna pay the extra $10 a month for 4G or a more expensive 4G phone when 4G isn't in your CITY. Get the Sprint Samsung Transform or the Sprint Sanyo Zio. If your going with Sprint it's your most logical choice if you aren't in the major cities or are the average Sprint consumer and save the extra $120 annually. Samsung Transform has good battery life and front facing camera to at the cheaper price than HTC EVO

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