Verizon Wireless iPhone Release Announcement via Apple

Many customers waiting on the Verizon Wireless iPhone are saying it cannot come too soon and there have been many rumours surrounding this subject, well we have a little hard evidence that the iPhone with Verizon is coming.

A Verizon executive has stepped up to the press claiming that Apple and not themselves will announce the Verizon iPhone, Verizon President and COO Lowell McAdam has made comments at the CTIA conference in San Francisco press conference according to MacWorld.

Many questions were put across to McAdam dismissing many claims but did quote “I can’t give you any insights,” he continued. “But I think Apple is the one that has to make that announcement.”

McAdam believes that some agreement or should we say deal will be reached, and now that Verizon is rolling out Long-Term Evolution 4G data network it seems pretty solid. If all the rumours were true it would suggest the Verizon iPhone would release early 2011.

Source – Apple Insider

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