Samsung Transform and Sanyo Zio Release Date Revealed

We first heard about both the Samsung Transform, and what used to be known as the Kyocera Zio now known as the Sanyo Zio, a little while back, and today we learn when these two smartphones will see release.

According to an article over on Softpedia by Cosmin Vasile, and by way of Android Guys, these two new Android toting handsets should be released next week on the 10th of October, with the Samsung Transform costing $149.99 after rebate and the Sanyo Zio costing $99 after rebate.

The word is that the Samsung Transform on Sprint will replace the Samsung Moment, and the device is powered by an 800MHz processor, sport a 3.5 inch capacitive touch screen, run Android 2.1, and have 802.11n/g/n WiFi.

As for the Sanyo Zio on Sprint, rumour has it that the device is already showing up on shelves at Sprint stores, but as yet there has been no official announcement, and accessories for both devices are also on their way.

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