HTC Desire HD Release Date Delay by Amazon UK: Why?

Amazon UK has just put up on its website that the HTC Desire HD will now release October 25, “This item is due to be released on October 25, 2010”.

We do not know why Amazon UK is delaying the HTC Desire HD smartphone but they have their reasons, maybe they are having problems getting stock and know that they will not meet demands, please let us know if you are a little disappointed with the release delay.

Below is the Screenshot courtesy of EuroDroid, let me give you a quick recap on the main specifications: 4.3-inch touch screen, Wi-Fi, Free voice guided SatNav with Google Maps, Android phone with HTC Sense and 1GHz processing power, Bluetooth, 8-megapixel colour camera with auto focus and 2x LED flashlight and 720p HD video capture and GPS.

However, even though there is a delay you can still pre-order your HTC Desire HD for £495.99, for more information please visit Amazon UK. This smartphone will also release on Vodafone October 14.


39 thoughts on “HTC Desire HD Release Date Delay by Amazon UK: Why?”

  1. Captain Scarlet says:

    Well they had better get on with it! Windows 7 mobile and Android 3 are about to launch so I am going to wait a month or two anyway. Dual core and 2GHz processors are coming very soon as well, so I can understand why they are trying to rush this out so soon after the original Desire – new tech is on the way so the price of this should plummet if you can wait!

  2. David says:

    I pre-ordered the HTC Desire HD on 23rd Sept and the seller is Amazon Eu S.a.r.l and as far as I am aware it should be dispatched 11th Oct.
    Not yet dispatched
    Dispatch Estimate: 11 Oct 2010
    Delivery Estimate: 14 Oct 2010 – 18 Oct 2010
    HTC Desire HD Sim Free Mobile Phone
    Sold by: Amazon EU S.a.r.L.

    I see now on the web site KIngOfGadgets is now the seller and as you advised is due to be released 25th Oct.
    I hope mine will still be dispatched from Amazon on 11th 🙂

  3. Andy says:

    Nobody's getting despatched at the moment.

    Google haven't officially approved the Desire HD from their testing yet, so it cannot actually be sold as of yet and no retailer will despatch it until it gets the nod from Google. This is why ALL handsets are delayed, not just those that are being sold sim free.

    Fingers crossed the testing approves the handset or it could be delayed further!

  4. I also pre-ordered my Desire HD from Amazon, and my shipping date hasnt changed? Maybe they have sold all of their first stock with the same expected dispatch date, and the new date (25th) is when you can expect to recieve it if you pre-order it form now? Who knows????

    Dispatch estimate: 10 Oct 2010 – 11 Oct 2010
    Delivery estimate: 11 Oct 2010 – 12 Oct 2010 (More about estimates)

    Items Ordered Price
    1 of: HTC Desire HD Sim Free Mobile Phone [Electronics]
    Condition: New
    Sold by: Amazon EU S.a.r.L.

  5. Tom says:

    My pre order is still showing a dispatch estimate of 11 Oct 2010. I'd guess its just for new orders placed from now onwards that will have a delayed dispatech date (I hope)!

  6. john says:

    Me too. ordered at 469 so hoping it will get here for that price. If it goes up they have lost my order and I will wait to next year for something better

  7. George says:

    Been on the phone to Amazon today.. RE: delay…

    Support Rep himself was confused:

    "It's odd that Amazon aren't the primary seller if we do infact have it in stock, but what's more worrying is we haven't updated your individual order status."

    (Mines in Processing state). He is getting back to me within 10 mintues with an answer from the management of EU S.A.R.L in his office.

    Very odd, first time I've seen it with Amazon… Play.com still shows thier original date.

  8. Deathproof says:

    Play.com still has it listed as 19th October for the release date – this is where I have pre-ordered from. (Wikipedia also still states 19th)
    Also – if you look further on Amazon (ie click the "3 new" link) you'll notice that Amazon themselves are still selling it for £469.99. KingOfGadgets is the most expensive of the 3 sellers at £495.99. All of them still state a 25th release date though.
    Ah well, at least I'll have one soon!

  9. Michael Tan says:

    Well I
    Yes, mine will be despatch on 11th Oct too and hope to get my hands on it next the day.

    Order Placed: 3 Oct 2010
    Dispatch estimate: 11 Oct 2010
    Delivery estimate: 12 Oct 2010 (More about estimates)
    1 of: HTC Desire HD Sim Free Mobile Phone [Electronics]
    Condition: New
    Sold by: Amazon EU S.a.r.L.
    Amazon Prime: Expedited Delivery is free

  10. Michael Tan says:

    I have just contacted Amazon Uk and the support rep assure me that they will despatch the item as stated in the order (11 Oct). There wont be delay for those who has placed the order early.

  11. LaughingJohn says:

    Darn it! Cancelled my order (with Mobile Phones Direct) as I'm on holiday next week and didn't want it bouncing around in the post. Should make the next person in the queue happy anyway.

    Thinking I might wait until Gingerbread now anyway as it doesn't sound far away and there are bound to be new phones around the same time!

    I'd be slightly peeved to have just got a Desire HD and then find new phones coming out shortly afterwards with gingerbread and I had to wait many months (I have a Hero at the moment so I know all about waiting for upgrades).

    It'll probably take HTC ages because gingerbread supposedly has a lot of UI changes so I imagine it will take a while to get Sense ported to it (assuming they do).

    Anyway, I hope you all get your new toy soon!

  12. lydia says:


    I too have the dispatch date as 11th October but they can't send it out if it's not in stock or not been received by HTC. I went in todaand earliest despatch is saying November! I will cancel it if it's not out before end of October as like others I want the latest phone and if the android 3 are going to be released I may as well hang on for that

  13. Will says:

    Vodafone have told me they won't be shipping til the 25th of Oct now. I think the demand has caused them problems. Not 100% confident that this will be the final delivery date. But as they say, patience is a virtue.

  14. Hi There! says:

    Mine says October 11 as the dispatch date! And I placed my order on the 24th of September.. I guess Amazon UK had limited stock and all has been sold out! now there are dealers who are selling it for a higher price and a later release date! 🙂

  15. Chris says:

    i got the same email, and i called them up and asked them to give me a free Expedited 1 business day delivery for free, but they could only offer 1st class

    I'm thinking of ordering on play also(stated release on 19th Oct) and see who comes first return one of them, however play.com does not offer to deliver such expensive item to other addresses than a billing address

  16. Bob says:

    I got the same from Amazon this morning having queried it yesterday.
    My main gripe is with their processes which failed to update the expected delivery date on the order until last night.
    So having been set at "12the October" for weeks, they seem to have just realised that they can't deliver

  17. arlrb says:

    Gingerbread = Android 3.0
    Honeycomb = Android 3.1
    Both designed for the tablet market, but i should think most new phones (Desire HD inc) have the HW & screen size to get it too.

    Pre-ordered mine with Amazon, 11th Oct ship date, which has been & gone of course. Questioned them & i too got a sorry but no phone until 25th Nov! That's 1 1/2 months late!! If you do a search now on Amazon it says 15th Nov, so who knows? I'm becoming disillusioned with the whole smart phone game now, all making promises they have no intention of keeping, be it release dates or crap Android integration with device UIs etc.

    Thinking of pre-ordering with Play, but i'm not confident it'll be out by 19th Oct like they say. Can anyone tell me if they're the same as Amazon when it comes to not taking your money until the item is shipped?
    If they are, i'll do both orders & cancel the one depending on who gets there first.

  18. Ben says:

    'One poster was kind enough to publish the email he allegedly received from online shop SuperETrader, which states that both devices "have failed last minute Google TA (Type Approval) testing — a problem they claim also happened to the original Desire. According to Wikipedia, Type Approval can refer to a broad swath of regulatory and manufacturing standards, so this may simply be a case of the phones' not meeting Google's required criteria for becoming certified Android handsets.' http://pocketnow.com/android/htc-desire-hd-and-de

    Vodafone are saying the 22nd October at the moment

  19. T-mobile have confirmed today that it is not being released until November 18th 2010 – also called HTC yesterday and they have told me that everyone is giving out different dates where in fact it will not 100% be released until mid November :'(

    If I wasn't so set on having this phone I would be long gone before now!!! Anyone have any opinions on a different phone to get that comes anywhere near the spec of this?

    I refuse to get an iphone4 just for the hell of it.

  20. allsortsonline says:

    I pre-ordered my HTC Desire HD on the 23rd Septemeber 2010 and at the time I thought I would be paying for the overlap between my current phone contact expiring and getting my excitedly awaited new handset.
    It's now the 22nd October and the website where I'm getting this phone from has now changed the "days to release" from 4 to 12 days. Making it more likely to be the 1st of November before it's released.
    I'm now on a "pay as you go" phone because thanks to Google AND HTC I'm otherwise phoneless.

    I say, "and HTC", because I don't think Google can take all the wrap for the delay. Surely HTC should have had all the testing and paperwork completed before giving out the release date. After all it's not as if this scenario hasn't happened before. (i.e. The release of the original HTC Desire)

    It really has tarnished the appeal of receiving this phone now. The hype and the excitement of getting such a fantastically good looking phone is now disappearing behind the thoughts of "I really do hope this phone is as good as is reported" because of the wait we are having to endure.

    So come on Google/HTC, pull your fingers out, work faster together and lets get our hand sets.

  21. James says:

    I preordered mine from Amazon and have now received an email apologising for the delay but giving me a code entitling me to a free £48 bluetooth headset. Mine is a Christmas present from my fiance so I'm not allowed it until Christmas day so the delay doeesn't make any difference to me, but the bonus of a free headset is certainly nice.

  22. JCLARK says:

    Email from Amazon seller, 15th November: – if it's not arrived by the end of next week, I'm cancelling 🙁

    > I am writing to you in regards to the recent order you made for a HTC Deisre HD.
    > Unfortuanttly we have had trouble getting stock in and there will be a further delay now untill the middle of next week, Your order will be sent via registered post as soon as it arrives with us.
    > Please accept my apologies for this and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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