Apple iPhone 5 Form Factor, Any Ideas?

So the rumour floating the net waves is that the smartphone space might just see the rumoured iPhone 5 sometime in 2011 along of course with the Verizon iPhone; however the word doing the rounds at the moment is that the iPhone 5 would surface with a new form factor rather than follow that of the iPhone 4.

According to an article over on Product-reviews by Alan Ng, who quotes a recent article by the Wall Street Journal…”Separately, Apple is also developing a new iPhone model, said people briefed on the phone. One person familiar said the fifth-generation iPhone would be a different form factor than those that are currently available.”

So basically if said article is on the money, Apple is looking at redesigning the form factor for the fifth generation iPhone. Perhaps due to all the commotion seen over the iPhone 4 and its external antenna issues, so maybe the iPhone 5 will return the antenna internally.

However, what we’d really like to know is what our readership can come up with in the way of a new form factor design for the iPhone 5, perhaps you have a particular form factor you’d love to see Apple deliver, a flip-out or slide out QWERTY keyboard perhaps, or maybe a dual screen iPhone 5? If you have any thoughts on iPhone 5 form factor feel free to give us a shout in our comments area below.


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  1. Deandre Barnes says:

    -On the home screen of the phone, you should make it to where people can go up and down and also side to side on apps. And also be able to view all apps at once on the screen with just touching one particular button on the phone.

    -Another idea is making the mega pixels 12.0 or higher so that it has the best camera on any phone ever made rather than 5.0 or 8.0.

    – you should also make the resolution higher on the phone, even better than the “iPhone 4”, which would just make it even more incredible.

    -the screen should be bigger; my idea would be to make the whole entire front of the phone touch screen so that there is no black anywhere on the front.

    – 3-D features on the phone would be fonominal which no one has ever came up with that idea to make a cell phone screen 3-D. So I think 3-D features would be different and a good idea. such as videos you record, movies, websites, apps, Keyboard, etc.

    -another would be to make water proof, and shatter proof

    -make the front camera much more realistic along with back camera

    -something else would be to make the back of the phone touch screen also

    -the phone could be see through so you can even see what’s goin on in the from through the back or even side.

    -this one sounds a little over board but good idea. Either the front or back of the phone could be a projector through one of the cameras, and on the opposite side you can countinue what your doing and see it on the wall all at the same time.

    That’s most of my ideas that could be on the new iPhone 5. Whig would blow any other phone on the market out with no competition at all. I hope you take the ideas into consideration in order to make the next big thing, and also this would be the most fonominal idea to come up with on a phone ever including all the present features it already has. Thanks

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