iPhone 5 to Launch February or March Next Year?

It appears that many pick up on the same article and read it slightly differently than some, and a recent article by the WSJ is one of those articles, in as much as said article was mainly about the CDMA iPhone, which has now apparently turned into the iPhone 5.

According to an article over on Stuff Middle East, they say that the Wall Street Journal claim the new iPhone launch dates have been brought forward due to increased competition from the Android platform.

Apparently “people familiar with the matter” have said the smartphone will begin production later this year, (which I presume is the Verizon iPhone) ahead of a February or March next year launch.

The article then goes on to cover the different form factor that the iPhone 5 is supposed to be getting so the device doesn’t suffer from the same antenna issues of the iPhone 4.

So, on the basis of this article this means Verizon iPhone and the iPhone 5 are one and the same device and will launch on the Verizon network in February or March of 2011, do you agree, or do you think that the Verizon iPhone will see launch first and then followed later by a new iPhone 5, confusing isn’t it?


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