BlackBerry Ban Averted in UAE

Remember all the trouble Research In Motion was facing in the Middle East with their BlackBerry smartphones and threats of being banned? Well the UAE ste a deadline of Otober the 11th for Research In Motion to comply with their “telecommunications regulatory framework,” and it appears RIM has done so.

According to an article over on Engadget by Vlad Savov, and by way of Yahoo News, the UAE has reported that Research In Motion has made the required changes before the deadline and thus a ban on BlackBerry smartphone will not go ahead in the United Arab Emirates.

The same treat was made over BlackBerry handsets by India and Saudi Arabia but again any ban was averted by Research In Motion striking a deal.

However, no details have been given on just what Research In Motion did to comply with the UAE’s demands, but ultimately it means that RIM had to make some kind of concession somewhere along the line.

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