ChargeBox for UK iPhone Now Available in App Store

ChargeBox for iPhone is a new application for iPhone users which is being billed as the most useful free mobile app of 2010, the fourth emergency service for iPhone users. What ChargeBox is, is a “Low Battery” application that helps out those who are stuck in town and have a low battery to locate their nearest ChargeBox and get a quick fix of juice.

Essentially ChargeBox for the iPhone is for UK iPhone owners as ChargeBoxes are located around London and other UK main cities, so at the moment is for UK use only.

A ChargeBox is an award winning slim-line tower that houses 6 lockers with each locker having several manufacture approved chargers inside. Thus when in need of a charge for your iPhone the user activates the ChargeBox iPhone app and it will locate the nearest ChargeBox tower.

For those iPhone users in the United Kingdom who would like to take advantage of ChargeBox for the iPhone, they can download the free application from iTunes.

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