Microsoft and Adobe May Team to take on Apple iPhone?

Now we all know that Apple isn’t too fond of Adobe, and that they aren’t too loving of Microsoft either, and we also know that the iconic iPhone has been somewhat of a thorn in both Microsoft and Adobe’s side.

Well according to an article over on Intomobile by Simon Sage, and by way of the NYT, the word is that Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer and Adobe’s Shantanu Narayen have been in talks on how to deal with Apple and the iPhone.

The rumour is that an acquisition of Adobe by Microsoft just might be the way forward, although apparently there is no conclusive end to the meeting between the two CEO’s, but an acquisition of Adobe could well be worth considering.

However, I personally can’t see Apple getting too worried if Microsoft were to acquire Adobe as Apple doesn’t allow Adobe gear on any of their products, and as Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is still firmly in its infancy Apple probably won’t be worried about that either.

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