CDMA iPhone: Apple and China Telecom in Talks

We have some more word on that CDMA iPhone that is hitting the rumour mill today. Apparently as soon as China Unicom’s exclusivity deal with Apple for the iPhone runs out sometime next year, China Telecom wants to offer the iPhone to their customers.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Kelly Hodgkins, the news of China Telecom wanting to offer the CDMA iPhone comes via a report in the South China Morning Post, which cites a Deutsche Bank analyst’s research note that says…

“Although China Telecom management in a recent lunch meeting refused to confirm whether the company would also begin selling a CDMA iPhone in China next quarter, our own channel checks suggest that the company has been in intensive talks with chipset supplier Qualcomm and Apple to ensure that this [development], indeed, happens.”

So if said report pans out, this is probably why the rumour of Apple beginning manufacture of a CDMA iPhone in November has come about. However, I can’t see Apple making large quantities of CDMA iPhone handsets and not offering the opportunity to Verizon; can you, after all a buck is a buck.

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