iPhone iOS vs. Android OS vs. BlackBerry: Angry Birds App

Now we all know that the highly popular game called Angry Birds (Full Version) is on the iOS, which means it is on the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch etc, but it is not on Android or BlackBerry.

Android users have been waiting on this awesome addictive game for a while now, Android users are a little envious of iPhone users and the wait has just got a little bit longer for the full version of the game.

Angry Birds lite is in the Android Market and according to Tech Radar a Tweet from the games developers said that there will be a further delay in launching it, the reason they have delayed it is because they wish to add in multi-tasking.

The wait is not that long because it will launch next week with real support for Android multitasking, apparently Angry Birds will not be launching on the HTC Hero because of problems with the frame rate.

Moving onto Angry Birds reaching the BlackBerry platform news is a little slim but according to a another Tweet via Rovio they say “No plans for BlackBerry yet, maybe for the new ones.”

Angry Birds has been developed for touchscreen mobile phones so to see the game on new BlackBerry smartphones makes sense really.

Angry Birds has been released on the iOS platform with the Android release coming next week and hopefully the BlackBerry user will get to see it on new touchscreen phones, but the question is “Once released on Android and BlackBerry what will be more popular?”

Please let us know if you prefer on the iOS, Android or BlackBerry, this way we can tell if the later two are more popular than the iphone.

Which makes sense, as Angry Birds is clearly designed to be used on a touchscreen, so when this tech becomes more prevalent in the BlackBerry range, perhaps it will mean the game could land on this platform too.


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  1. I have always preferred hardware keys for gaming on my mobile phone, I must admit that I pass time playing various popular titles downloaded from the Android MarketPlace which has an awesome array of games both free with ad support or for small purchase. I'll be sure to check this out when I get time. Thank you

  2. Shawn says:

    You fail to point out that the full version of Angry birds has been out for WebOS for awhile. So far it has over 27,000 downloads and it won Palm’s hot app contest which earned them another $100,000 dollars as well.

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