LimeRa1n Jailbreak Let It Rain From Geohot

A rather well known name amongst the iPhone jailbreaking community has suddenly made a comeback, none other than Geohot who has released an alternative jailbreak solution for the iPhone 4 with iOS 4.1 called LimeRa1n.

According to an article by the iPhone Dev Team, Geohot’s LimeRa1n solution is a bootrom level jailbreak which is for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPod Touch 3G and 4G and possibly AppleTV2G.

Geohot’s LimeRa1n jailbreak apparently uses a different exploit than SHAtter, and you have to give credit to Geohot and his reputation for jailbreak solutions, and credit also to @comex who apparently provided the untethered aspect to LimeRa1n.

Apparently the release of LimeRa1n averts burning two bootrom holes at once, and releasing SHAtter now would be a waste of a good bootrom hole so SHAtter can be held back until such times as Apple closes the LimeRa1n hole although Apple may have closed SHAtter by that time as well.

However, the guys warn…” DO NOT USE LIMERA1N IF YOU USE THE ULTRASN0W CARRIER UNLOCK – wait for PwnageTool to incorporate the limera1n exploit. This is so that you can avoid updating your baseband and losing the unlock (possibly forever).”

Apparently LimeRa1n hasn’t been tested so will have a few issues but Geohot will as usual work these out rapidly is new releases and word is there are already three beta versions as of last night.


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  1. MeganFox says:


    So this still doesnt work on my 3gs new bootrom. I updated software and it didnt work. I did a restore to 4.1 and didnt work. Everything it says to do and still nothing.

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