Root Block on G2 Explained By T-Mobile

No doubt if you are a T-Mobile G2 owner who is in to tinkering with the Android code you are probably aware that it seems to be somewhat of a more difficult task to gain root on the smartphone than is normal, the reason being is the T-Mobile G2 has a built in security feature, which you can read about (here).

Now, just to make things clear, according to an article over on the Boy Genius Report by Andrew Munchbach, and by way of Androinica, it appears T-Mobile has come forward with an explaination, here’s what T-Mobile have said…

“The HTC software implementation on the G2 stores some components in read-only memory as a security measure to prevent key operating system software from becoming corrupted and rendering the device inoperable. There is a small subset of highly technical users who may want to modify and re-engineer their devices at the code level, known as “rooting,” but a side effect of HTC’s security measure is that these modifications are temporary and cannot be saved to permanent memory. As a result the original code is restored.”

So there you have it, basically if you are a hacker and want to gain root access to the T-Mobile G2 it looks like you are going to have to be quite creative to root this particular Android 2.2 device. So if anyone out there manage to do so feel free to shout out in out comments area below.

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