Droid 2, T-Mobile G2, Samsung Epic 4G Android Keyboard Battle: Video

If you take three of the top QWERTY keyboard Android smartphones available on the mobile market, you’d probably want to know which of those three handsets packs the best QWERTY and which sliding mechanism feels the best.

So we have a video comparison for your viewing pleasure today that pits the Motorola Droid 2 against the T-Mobile G2 against the Samsung Epic 4G in a QWERTY keyboard battle to find out which of the three offers the best QWERTY experience.

The QWERTY keyboard comparison video comes our way courtesy of John Walton over at Droid Dog, and delivers 12 minutes of keyboard comparison , but he does note that a great deal of mobile satisfaction is based on user preferences.

So with that said I’ll just let you head on down below to check out the Samsung Epic 4G verses the Droid 2 verses the T-Mobile G2 QWERTY keyboard battle…enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Droid 2, T-Mobile G2, Samsung Epic 4G Android Keyboard Battle: Video”

  1. Carol S says:

    Excellent review, well worth 12 minutes of content that perfectly reflects my concerns and interests. Saved me from traveling to 3 different stores. Interesting that the reviewer loves swype.

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