Apple Fires Legal Guns at Meizu at Last

For quite some time the Chinese knock-off merchants have clones Apple gear, none more so than Chinese outfit Meizu, who have constantly copied Apple when it comes to smartphone design and technology.

The more noticeable of these Chinese clones is of course the Meizu M8 and Meizu M9, both replicating the iPhone, but we’ve never heard of Apple getting all legal with Meizu, well until now apparently.

According to an article over on Engadget by Darren Murph, it appears that Apple has sent their lawyers after Meizu, and Meizu CEO Jack Wong isn’t too pleased, more specifically Wong in one of his forum posts has apparently revealed that the company has been in “negotiations” with Apple lawyers.

The details of these negotiations aren’t clear but Wong is a bit irate apparently at Apple lawyers “unreasonable negotiation tactics.” Apparently Wong thinks it’s absurd that Apple can claim rights over a smartphone form factor.

Wong also posts that he sees his company as serving the masses in China while Apple will only serve the needs of a select few.

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