HTC Desire Went White, Now Legend Goes Black

In the smartphone game most at some point push out new colour variants, and it appears that one of the most sought after colours is probably white, something Apple is still having trouble with and hence the delay in the white iPhone 4.

However HTC doesn’t appear to be having any issues in pushing out extra colours of their smartphones as according to an article over on Gizmodo by Kat Hannaford, HTC a few weeks ago pushed out the HTC Desire in white, and has now added to that the HTC Legend in black.

As you may be aware, the HTC Legend was previously only available in silver, but now HTC, still keeping the aluminium finish has made available the HTC Legend in stunning “phantom black,” which will become available across Europe this month.

So with smartphones now coming out to play in varying colours, we’d love to know the colour preference of our readers, and if a colour can sway the way they choose a handset, or is it all down to spec and features?

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