Amazon Android App Store: Can It Compete with Apple iTunes?

The new Amazon App Store is apparently launching at the end of this month (October 2010) but no one knows what it will be called, we have mentioned about the terms details and that it is definitely on its way.

Well now we know it is definitely on its way because launch will happen October end, will it be a success when it goes live? Can it compete with the likes of Apple iTunes? So many questions so we will let you ask and answer them for us.

The Amazon MP3 store is built into Android so surely this new integration should work well, Could it? Can it?

Amazon sells products with ease and is one of the biggest online product sellers, so it makes you wonder how well will they do at selling apps with its new App Store. How well do you think Amazon will do and what will the new service be called?

Source — WSJ via All Things Digital

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