Android Apps Best Hack: Skype for Droid Sideload Program

When it comes to Android Apps best hack we thought of Skype, the reason we thought of this VoIP app is the fact Skype for Android app is being blocked from using over many US 3G networks.

Verizon is forcing USA Android to use it via Wi-Fi, well an hacker called “xeudoxus” has posted something very interesting on the Droid Forums, the hacker said that there will be more hacks to unlock restricted Android apps including Blackboard Mobile Learn and we know this was locked to Sprint.

Skype for Android hack is a sideload program and this means you will not have to get into the root of your Android handset, you can use Android Central Sideload means you will not make your device’s warranty void according to fudzilla.

Sideloader is a Windows application and it will allow you to load such apps into your Android mobile phone from your computer via a USB cable, it does not matter what carrier or what Android phone you have it will work apparently without the Android SDK installed.

Please let us know what you think of the above, we are not to hot on this subject and would love for you to spread the light a little and let us know. Thanks

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