Game Dev Story for iPhone, Develop a Game Console

Game Dev Story for iPhone is a simulation game that allows the user to create their own game firm and try to create a game that will sell a million. The user hires staff whereby you can also change staff professions and train them to develop skills.

With Game Dev Story for iPhone, as the user works their way through the game and their staff gain experience, more content and game genres are unlocked to develop as the user works to get the best combinations and develop for the latest gaming platform.

In Game Dev Story for iPhone your staff can be allocated a wide range of game related professions such as sound engineer and programmer and you’ll need to choose wisely as you work your way to the top of the video gaming industry.

Game Dev Story for iPhone not only supports the iPhone but also the iPad and iPod Touch and features a full touch screen interface and can be downloaded from iTunes for a price of $3.99.


6 thoughts on “Game Dev Story for iPhone, Develop a Game Console”

    1. Kaboobi says:

      You need to buy a bunch of the career changing magazines, then max out all of one person's first 5 jobs' levels. Hardware Engineer will then be unlocked next time you change careers with them. You'll also unlock Hacker if you max out Hardware Engineer.

        1. YIlzi says:

          Sometimes there's a Trader coming to your Company, and sells you stuff like Creativity Boost, and things like that. He also sells you those magazines. And you max out staff in the option menu, then tap on staff, then tap on level up.

  1. John says:

    Finally a game with a similiar concept to GameBiz!
    I tried it and I must say I like the graphic style used.
    This will sustain me until GameBiz 3 launches.

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