Nokia N8 Unboxed Like Never Before: Video

There are undoubtedly many ways to perform an unboxing of a smartphone, usually by opening the box and removing the device inside along with all the contents within the box and taking a look at the smartphone, but I have to say this particular unboxing of the Nokia N8 is one of the strangest I’ve seen.

This weird Nokia N8 unboxing video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and by way of My Nokia Blog, lasts two and a half minutes and resulting in an unboxing where we don’t actually get to see the Nokia N8 other than in bits, although apparently the video was filmed using a Nokia N8.

The Nokia N8 in question is unboxed by a guy known as Mr Tarded Mo, a guy who I’m sure has omitted the “Re” off Tarded, and well the video is more concentrated on this guy’s antics as he uses a supposed unboxing of the Nokia N8 to try and grab a little YouTube fame.

Not a great deal else to say about this particular video, but if you have a Mr Tarded warped sense of humour then head on down and slam that play button…enjoy.

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