Nokia N9 Near Perfect Says Eldar Mutarzin

What’s this? Eldar Murtazin saying that a Nokia device is “near perfect” in respect to the new Nokia N9, usually Murtazin has a decidedly different approach when it comes to Nokia smartphones, so has Nokia’s legal action against Murtazin over the Nokia N8 has made him changed his ways?

According to an article over on NokNok and by way of Ubergizmo, Eldar Murtazin of Mobile-review has apparently said that the hardware for the Nokia N9 is “near perfect,” and that the reviewer actually likes the Nokia N9.

Apparently Murtazin somehow got hold of an early Nokia N9 and has had chance to review the device and although he appears to be quite happy with the hardware, the same can’t be said for the Nokia N9 software as Murtazin isn’t too impressed with MeeGo.

Murtazin said of the MeeGo software…“in terms of SW is not so good at the moment — but I hope they will change it in 2011.” Now whether he means change MeeGo for the better or change MeeGo for Symbian is another matter.


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  1. jeyoss says:

    Nokia N9 will make an appearance at Meego in Dublin on Nov 15th…………. not officially but it will be shown to the world! Packaging is bland, I will upload a couple of images shortly

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