Windows Phone 7 Smartphone Will You Purchase One?

Well folks today Microsoft held its big Windows Phone 7 event and showed off quite a few devices that will sport Microsoft’s latest operating system with WP7 devices coming from Samsung, LG, HTC, Dell and even Asus.

The obvious big guns in the Windows Phone 7 family is of course HTC with no less than five Windows Phone 7 packing handsets namely the HTC 7 Mozart, HTC HD 7, HTC 7 Surround, HTC 7 Pro, and HTC 7 Trophy, followed by LG with three, the LG Optimus 7, LG Quantum/Optimus Q7, and the LG GW910.

Samsung has pushed out the Samsung Focus and Samsung Omnia 7 while Dell has offered up the Dell Venue Pro, and one from Asus, although not too sure about what Asus has called their offering.

Still, with so many Windows Phone 7 smartphone about the hit the mobile space it might be difficult to choose out of them all. So we’d love to know if any of our readers are going to purchase a Windows Phone 7 device and if so which one? Feel free to let us know by dropping us a comment below.


5 thoughts on “Windows Phone 7 Smartphone Will You Purchase One?”

  1. After Forever says:

    After running out and purchasing every new upgrade M$ came out with all the way to win6.5, only to be disappointed with the lack of innovation compared to our manufactures. I am sitting this round out to see what comes with the next release.

  2. Kaffeguy says:

    Unfortunately, they have delayed in bringing innovations to the working and non working groups. I truly believe that Android OS and the Apple OS have a much better operating system. Windows Mobile 7 still lacks and needs to catch up quickly. It took me a while to learn Android, but now I love the operating system better than Apple's. So no, I will not be making the switch to Window Phone 7. It is sad to see a company that was first in innovations is dwindling down to almost nothing.

  3. bludrgn says:

    I will be putting an HTC HD7 in my pocket or on my belt as soon as it becomes available. I love the screen size and the ability to connect this to social networks and my zunepass.

  4. Simon says:

    I'm actually looking for one! my winmo 6.5 phone's busted 2 weeks ago, and here i'm looking for a new one. I'm not debating which phone is better, but i'm buying it because it satisfies my needs: outlook synchronization, office integration (for the serious life), media playing and messaging. what else could i need then? it's the perfect combination for me.

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