HTC 7 Pro Phone Hands-on, Video & Photo Gallery

The HTC 7 Pro is another phone part of the Windows Phone 7 series and this one is the CDMA smartphone, this is Sprint’s 3.6-inch touchscreen beauty.

Engadget have a great video (Watch Below this Article) and an awesome photo gallery to feast your eyes on, they did not get to play with a working handset but they did manage to play around with the hardware like the comfortable five-row QWERTY keyboard, the keys are clicky.

It has a slider mechanism that has been built very well and feels quite sturdy with the added touch of the tilt action; this is the finest slide feeling yet.

This is the phone to have by the sounds of things, there is not a lot of information on HTC 7 Pro yet but when there is you can be sure we will let you know. Sprint will NOT be releasing this smartphone until at least the first half of 2011.

For more information and photos please visit Engadget, please let us know what you think of this big boy handset. DON’T forget to watch the video below.


One thought on “HTC 7 Pro Phone Hands-on, Video & Photo Gallery”

  1. Malcolm says:

    I just took delivery of the HTC HD7 and am very impressed! I will be interested to compare the two when the PRO actually hits the market. It is difficult to see that they will have improved on the HD7 that quickly, but who knows

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